Vance Marco Feldman's ForeverScape

The ForeverScape is larger than Banksy, Thomas Kinkade, M.C. Escher and Salvidor Dali combined. Heironymous Bosch is trapped in the world's largest psychedelic illustration. It is a composite image of hundreds of pages of paper. It all began as ballpoint pen and slowly progressed into full-color epic journey through space, sea, earth and all the windy spaces in between. The artist pledges to continue drawing it until "death do them part." Vance's visionary art has been praised by all who lay eyes upon it, but his insecurity and obsession drives him to continue expanding the universe regardless of public opinion.

One person hand-drew the entire image you see below. The ForeverScape measures over two football fields long. Each tile is a full sheet of paper (click on them to view). There's 885 sheets so far. The ForeverScape grows at the rate of one page every two days. It tiles vertically to a height of a 15 story building when arranged in a five-column periodic table. From left-to-right, the ForeverScape measures exactly 291 Sarah Palins. “It goes until I do...”

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