Dear Wyoming

Let's Just Be Friends

Posted by Vance Feld on April 23, 2015

Dear Wyoming,

What Have I done to deserve this? Was it that one time I drove through you as fast as I could? I really do like your landscape, I swear! Was it because I stopped short too often in Greeley, Colorado and didn’t venture north? Is it because you only have about 4,000 black people? Is it because ya'll haven't legalized weed yet? Well, I’m done trying to rationalize why you’re not into the ForeverScape. Your population might be sparse, but I know
Visitors by State For April, 2015

ya’ll got the internet out there. If Nebraska has the internet, I know you do, Wyoming. I once drove through a town in Nebraska and the first-run movie theater was playing Jurassic Park. One. In 1998. You do have the internet. But, since none of you bother going to my website, it guess you won’t even notice I’m breaking up with you. Even Alaska visited me more than you. You should be ashamed!

Update: Since /r/wyoming on reddit got pissed off, now you visit me. Well, it's too little, too late. I'm bangin' your sister, Idaho.

Ciao Ciao