Rising Cost of the ForeverScape

Cheap Art Ain't Good, Good Art Ain't Cheap

Posted by Vance Feld on January 20, 2015

“Do you sell individual pages of the ForeverScape?” is a common question asked by collectors and those who know the ‘scape intimately. No, is the answer. How do you sell a never-ending (lifelong), continuously growing piece of artwork? After years of contemplation, and many alternatives considered, there remains a complicated but easy to break-down “reverse art mortgage” structure. Since it is potentially a lifelong project, the body of the work is not delivered until completion.

  • The price per page goes up every year the 'scape is in production.
  • The longer you wait, the higher the 'buy now' price climbs.
  • The sales funds would be retained in an escrow account (including tax withholding) at an FDIC insured banking institution, in advance and paid in annual installments to the artist via a legal trust pending the final details of the contract.
  • Upon completion, the remainder physical pieces are legally transferred.

To learn more, contact vance[@]foreverscape.com