Why is Thorium Sexy?

Its Greener, in all the Right Ways...

Posted by Vance Feld on January 21, 2015

A letter to the upcoming speaker at R--d C----ge:

Hi R—-t,

Will you be addressing LFTR (liquid fluoride thorium) reactors?

Experts agree that LFTR are thousands of times safer than traditional Uranium and Platinum burning reactors. Primarily because there’s no need to pressurize and therefore no potential for rupture. The safety systems can operate without any power and even physical damage to he plant. They also have quantitatively less waste, and the waste is significantly less reactive. On top of that, the Thorium ore is easier to mine, 4x more plentiful on the planet than Uranium and it burns hot enough to create steam, which is a good quality for making electricity. Basically, we’ve been barking up the wrong tree since the beginning of nuclear power. Wrong part of the periodic table….

The Gates foundation has been putting money behind this. Basically, there’s one single deposit in Montana/Idaho that could fuel the entire United States for 10,000 years. (http://rein.pk/thorium/)

  • Thorium is much more abundant on Earth than uranium.
  • Thorium is cheaper to extract and prepare than uranium.
  • Thorium isn’t very useful for making nuclear weapons.
  • Thorium reactors are inherently stable, so “nuclear meltdowns” can’t happen.
  • Thorium reactors produce dramatically less radioactive waste.

If you want the overall gist of it, please check out this video that summarizes many lectures on the topic in 5 minutes.

To learn some more history about Thorium, Idaho power and Thorium Energy, Inc. read this article: Nuclear Street Report on REE Thorium for Profit March 2009

You might already be aware of this technology, I’m curious what your take is.

best, V—e F——n, 2005, 01, 21.

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