After five years of hand drawing, the ForeverScape illustration is precisely 232.32 meters in length. Spanning almost three football fields, every single page of all 830 sheets connect left-to-right. Arrange them vertically as well for optimal viewing in a tight space.
“It goes until I go”

ForeverScape Videos

Time Lapse # 2

Two Hours of drawing in 3.5 Minutes. More to come...

Time Lapse #1

About an Hour in 9 Minutes.

Sound Reactive ForeverScape

If playback is choppy, restart browser.

This was the first debut of the Sound-Reactive Player Beta. It slowly plays through all 300+ pages,and effects are tweaked and driven by audio. Here's a random sampling of segments. More crazy effects to come...

Bat Hit Insane

The Artist goes insane and tells us what's up.