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A 7+ Year, Titanic sized psychedelic painting.
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A Re-arrangeable Artwork


A Re-arrangeable Artwork

Good Dogma

Wrong Reasons

Advice I've Gotten

Game Postmortem

From Art to App

ForeverScape Hidden Object Game

iOS, Android

Fine Art Becomes An App

ForeverScape Goes Mobile

4 Day Animation: Retrospective

How Fast Can You Move?

3 Leaf, Angle and Height Adjustable Drawing Table

Build it yourself! 6-10 hours. Less than $200

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I'm Going To Break Your Limp Wrists

Six Years Of Artistic Self Restraint

2015 Year-End Progress Update

Programming & The Myth of the Art Degree

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America Offline

The Worst Programming Language I Ever Used

Am I an Artist?

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Dear Wyoming

Let's Just Be Friends

China is the Eric Cartman of Nations

Suck my Balls, Japan!

Canvas, Web Components, Polymer, HaXe?

Oh, My! The Future of ForeverScape Tech

Bucket List Contest

Find 5 Buckets, Win Real Prizes

Why is Thorium Sexy?

Its Greener, in all the Right Ways...

Rising Cost of the ForeverScape

Cheap Art Ain't Good, Good Art Ain't Cheap

Dear White People

Racism is Over

Frogs In Space

Chronicles of the Great Escape

Portland Public Schools: Jim Crow Transportation

Denver Got it Right

Call to Action for Non-Overlapping Image Stitching

Searching for an automation tool or usable algorithm.

Jekyll: Bloggin’ Statically

Art, Coding, and now Writing