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“An impressive work of ink and watercolor...”
        — Jenna Lechner, Portland Mercury

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“It’s a surreal piece, spanning many landscapes and environments— bringing in everything from a factory manufacturing Buddha statues to colonies of germs spewed from a "McSludgewich" box.”
        — Matt Stangel, Portland Mercury

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“This just blew my mind. Seamless stacked hand drawn illustrations that go on, well, forever.”

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“Wow. That looks like an illustration of the craziest dream ever.”

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As the first page ran out of room, the logical thing to do was to connect another sheet of paper, and then another, and then another... Soon, the drawing became an obsession; locked away in a metal case, the drawings follow me wherever I go. The psychedelic landscape employs roving vanishing points and vanishing realities. It is an expression of my feelings at the moment I make each segment. Each panel is a link to a memory, a place, a sight and a discomfort.
        — The Denver Egotist

“I clicked on a facebook ad... and it blew my mind. Imagine what you‘d get if you handed Salvador Dali a pen and an endless roll of paper... then you started feeding him acid.”

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